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FAQ's ( Frequently Asked Questions) Home Remedies 
(Always pretest carpet for colorfastness)
What happens if you accidentally spill a drink in the middle of the night, or if the local carpet cleaner isn't open when you unintentionally track grease all over the house?
This page is meant to be a solution for those last-minute spills In general, you should use a paper towel or white rag and blot the spot/spill. If water will not damage the carpet, you should then rinse the area and repeat until the paper towel/rag has no discoloration or until the spot/spill is visually gone. Throughout this page, I will refer to this as the "blot rinse" procedure.

Q. What should I do If I spill some soda or juice?
A. The best thing you can do is to follow the "blot rinse" procedure. In the case of grape juice, substitute water for club soda.

 Q. What should I do if I spill nail polish?
A. You should follow the "blot rinse" procedure, but instead of water, use nail polish remover. You should work from the outside in to contain the mess.
Q. What should I do if I spill some red wine?
 A. You should first use the "blot rinse" procedure, then sprinkle some salt in the spill zone. The salt will absorb any remaining wine. Clean the salt when the spill is visibly gone.

Q. What should I do about some pet odor?
A. Most pet stores carry an enzyme product which should remove the odor.
Q. How should I clean some candle wax?
A. Candle wax hardens very quickly. If the wax is still "unhardened", quickly use a paper towel to absorb as much wax as possible. If the wax has hardened already, follow these steps: *Place brown paper (i.e. a paper lunch bag) over wax. *Warm a clothes iron on the lowest setting. *Put iron on the bag for about 20 seconds, then remove. *Check under the bag to see if the wax has melted What you are trying to do is to melt the candle wax enough to get the paper to absorb it. If you smell something burning, or if you notice any other unusual signs, immediately remove the iron from the bag.

Q. How do I remove grease from the carpet?
A. The best thing to do is use some Solvent Spot Remover on the area and treat it as you would any other stain.

1. Catch it while it's fresh, when chances of removal are 75% better. Don't iron or hot-air dry until the stain is gone. Heat will set most stains. 2. First blot up all the liquid and scrape up all the solids you can. On a large liquid spill you can use a wet/dry vac. Be careful not to spread the stain.
3. Test any chemical you intend to use in a hidden area to make sure it won't discolor or damage the surface.
4. Apply spotter and work from the outside of the stain in, to avoid spreading. Blot, don't scrub; strike with the flat face of a spotting brush if needed to help break up the stain.
5. Rinse chemical spotters out with water, blot the area dry and feather the edges. Brush or fluff up pile or nap.
6. On carpet and upholstery, put a thick pad of toweling over the spot, weight it down with books, and leave it there overnight to "wick up" any remaining moisture.

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